Education Based Dental Marketing

In one of our last posts we talked about education-based dental marketing, and today we’re going to delve a bit deeper into this topic.

First off let’s recap:

What’s the benefit of engaging in education-based dental marketing?

The main reason marketers and businesses are shifting towards education marketing (also called content marketing) is due to the ever-increasing amount of distrust in the marketplace. For the most part, everyone is starting to catch onto the popular bait-and-switch, deceitful, marketing techniques that dominated in the past.

The prevalence of profit-centric (rather than customer-centric) marketing is starting to fall apart… it was only a matter of time. Now, instead of convincing a patient to come into your practice by promising good service, you need to prove to them you are trustworthy. People aren’t giving in as easily to self-promotion, advertisement, and claims made by authority figures in general.

So how do you (the ethical, well-liked, knowledgable dentist) overcome this increasing apathy towards marketing?

It’s more simple than you think — you need to educate your marketplace. The main reason people fell into the popular advertising traps of the past decade is a lack of information.

Patients didn’t know how to choose a good dental practice. They didn’t know the difference between a quality practice and one that only cares about money. On top of that… patients didn’t know HOW to find that information.

Hint: You’re going to be the guiding light for these patients.

One of the biggest advantages you have in the marketplace is knowledge. You have access to all of the “insider” experience needed to correctly choose a dental practice and avoid the losers. On top of that — this information can be imparted on potential patients with ONLY a positive impact on your practice (because this type of information isn’t what you are selling).

Tactics you can implement RIGHT NOW.

If you’re running a large practice, chances are, you’re currently marketing through one of these channels:

  • Radio advertising
  • Newspaper paid media or classifieds
  • TV commercials
  • Yellow pages
  • SEO, PPC, etc.

Great news: you can integrate educational-marketing right into any of the above channels. Here’s how:

  1. The Attention Grabber — Put together an informational report, with helpful, actionable advice for your target demographic.
  2. The Conversion — Put together a simple lead-gen system (easiest will be a simple email opt-in form on a landing page) and make people exchange their email for your free report
  3. The Promotion — In ALL (yes, all) of your advertising direct people to your free report giveaway (make it your main call-to-action). Also include your usual info, the telephone, address and website to convert anyone ready to become a patient right when they see the ad.

Essentially you’ve created a scalable lead generation funnel that allows you to educate, and build a relationship with your target demographic over time.

A few key elements to remember: Your free report should be something that people download and are AMAZED (aka. “7 Things To Know When Choosing A Dental Practice”). That’s a bad title — but you get the idea. It doesn’t need to be long, just useful.

Then, every two weeks (or once a month) send out a newsletter with more relevant advice (maybe about teeth cleaning, or taking care of braces, etc.). Keep doing this, month after month, and over time you will build up a relationship with thousands of prospects in your area. You will make yourself an authority and generate more business than you could ever imagine… all while holding onto your ethical principals.

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