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Last month we talked about the importance of conversion rate optimization for dentists. It’s one of the most often misunderstood forms of digital marketing.

Mastering this skill means a more effective overall marketing funnel — yup, CRO benefits your entire business.

Here are our top 5 tips for boosting your lead-generation tactics with CRO:

  1. Social Proof – Undeniably one of the most important parts of CRO… don’t just tell your viewers how good your practice is, SHOW THEM. Let your current and past patients do the talking (because it comes across as trust-worthy to have a neutral 3rd party reviewing your services). Make sure to prominently display your most glowing reviews and biggest patient improvements on your website. Include their picture and name for added trust.
  2. More than text – Another issue that many dental websites have is a lack of real pictures. Having stock images on your website might not seem like a big deal… but it is! Potential patients can tell when your photos are bought, and that makes them much less likely to enter their info into a website’s contact form. Remember, you want to build trust with these viewers — so show them your pristine office, and your employees faces.
  3. Trust factors – Having outside trust factors present on your website (like a Better Business Bureau rating/membership logo, or great Yelp reviews) can also be a huge benefit to your trust-worthiness. It might not make sense to you as a business owner — but these things matter. The data from many case-studies into these type of trust factors has overwhelmingly come back to prove that they are very significant in the eyes of patients.
  4. Optimizing and Testing – Remember to never trust what you read online… (just kidding!), well at least don’t blindly trust any info. What works for one business might not work for another. The results may surprise you. Seriously, you need to A/B test (this means test two variations back-to-back with the same traffic) all of your website changes in order to prove which option converts higher. This process might seem like a waste of time, but it is the only way to prove your changes with hard-data. In fact, these days A/B testing is getting easier and easier with the mass-adoption of web apps that can do all of the heavy lifting for you.
  5. Make It EASY! – One of the biggest problems among dental websites is a lack of time spent on UX. The user experience is such an important piece of web design and marketing.. but it is often overlooked. Make it as simple as possible for your potential new patients to find your information. That means having a contact page, having your vital information available on every page (maybe in your site’s header and footer). This includes information such as your phone number, email, and address. Think of UX optimization as improving and lowering any “barriers” that your website currently puts up.

Overall, one of the most important points to take home from this article is to test.. test.. and test! You need to be constantly improving and optimizing your website in order to stay competitive. Keep in mind that conversion rate optimization helps every single piece of your marketing and sales process, because it means more leads (at a higher-quality), more patients, and less lost revenue.

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