Dental Marketing Strategies for the Modern Practice

The lifeblood of any dental practice is patients. There used to be a time when simple word of mouth and direct mail advertising would be more than enough to run a relatively successful dental office. However, times have changed and the majority of patients (especially millennials) are utilizing the internet to find dental services in their area. If you don’t have a strong online presence that enables prospective patients to find you easily and have immediate confidence in your practice, then you’re missing out on lost opportunities that are ripe for the taking.

Optimizing your dental practice for the web requires extensive experience, knowledge, skills, and tools to transform a low performing website into one that becomes your dental practice’s greatest asset and your competition’s greatest fear. There are numerous dental marketing agencies that purport their superior skills but the sad reality is that more often than not outdated search engine optimization tactics are used that end up hurting your presence and degrading your chances of succeeding in the ultra-competitive search engine landscape that currently exists.

DoctorHero is always on the cutting edge of internet marketing strategies and is fully committed to ensuring its clients’ success. In fact, we prove our value by using call and lead tracking mechanisms that demonstrably show an increase in new dental patients over time. The following are a list of proven dental marketing strategies that we use to bring in new patients.

High Converting Dental Website

Your website can have tons of traffic coming to it, but if that traffic isn’t converting to new dental patients, then what’s the point? Most patients spend only a few moments on a prospective dentist website before deciding to make an appointment or leave to a competing provider. Your website must be able to effectively capture the patient’s attention and guide them to make an appointment. DoctorHero will assess your website and make sure it conforms to modern design standards that help convert visitors to patients.


Ensure Website is optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Besides having a website that converts well – it’s also important to ensure that the site is optimized properly for the search engines. We take care of all the technical details including load speed, keywords, Meta titles, URL structure, and all factors that affect your website’s rankings.

DoctorHero is constantly reviewing the latest search engine algorithm changes and applying new optimization concepts to ensure our clients are positioned properly. We understand the unique challenges of the dental internet marketing field since we are exclusively focused on providing marketing services to doctors. This gives us an edge over agencies that attempt to service all industries.


Perform Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Once your website has been optimized, it’s now time to ensure that your website appears in the local results when a patient types in something like “dentist + city”. There are numerous factors that go into how your website is ranked, but the factors that impact how your site shows up in local search results are as follows:

  • NAP – Name, Address, Phone Consistency. Google, Bing, and Yahoo can’t accurately determine how they should rank your website if your information is not consistent across all platforms – including your website and directory pages across the Internet.


  • Directory Citations – A citation is simply a directory listing for your business on various platforms such as the Yellow Pages, HealthGrades, Vitals, Yelp, and others. We will get your practice listed on at least 50+ directory sites and ensure that your information is accurate across all citations.


  • Patient Reviews – The most important reason why reviews are necessary is that Google favors dental practices with a high number of positive reviews and ranks them higher in the search results. DoctorHero helps your practice generate reviews automatically!



If your competitor is listed in 10 directories, then we want to get your practice listed in 20. Simply put – the more directories (also referred to as citations) you’re listed in, the more likely it is that your site will get ranked higher in the search engines. What’s critical throughout the process of getting your practice listed in directories is ensuring that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is consistent across the board. This helps your practice get ranked higher in the local results and Google maps.


Obtain Patient Reviews

If you do a search for a local dentist in your area, you’ll see that the dental practices ranked highest have a large quantity of positive reviews. SEO studies performed by researchers have found that there is a high correlation between the # of positive reviews your dental practice has and how highly your page is ranked.

DoctorHero automates that review generation process ensuring you have a steady stream of positive feedback being driven to the most popular directories. If you haven’t noticed yet, our dental marketing system is pretty comprehensive. : )


Reputation Monitoring

There are countless sites where a patient could potentially leave a negative review of your practice. This is immensely damaging especially if it’s not responded to quickly. More often than not there is no way to have a negative review removed unless you can prove that the review is fake or demonstrate that it’s inappropriate. What you can do, however, is respond to the review immediately to diffuse the situation.  DoctorHero software monitors your online reviews daily to alert you anytime a negative review is left.


Social Media

Using social media in the context of a comprehensive dental practice marketing plan is something we recommend to all of our clients. Prospective patients (millennials especially) have an interest in seeing that your practice is engaged in social media, which helps engender confidence in your practice.

DoctorHero provides dental practice managers the tools they need to utilize social media effectively. Simply connect your social media accounts in the DoctorHero dashboard and post to all of them simultaneously! No more going to separate social media accounts to post the same content. We also curate social media content that you can post to your platforms. We have funny memes, pictures, and articles available to share with your fans.


Blog Posting

Blogging is another strategy that should be implemented as a part of the dental marketing plan. By periodically posting informative dental health articles to your blog, patients begin to feel more confident in your practice and your dedication to their health. What’s more is that Google and other search engines see new content on your site and use it as a ranking signal for where your website should be ranked relative to your competition.

DoctorHero provides clients with at least one new, professionally written blog post per month.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Paid Advertising

Many clients confuse SEO with SEM. SEO refers to search engine optimization and it deals with generating organic traffic to your website. SEM stands for search engine marketing and it deals with purchasing traffic on a pay per click (PPC) basis, for which Google AdWords is most commonly used. In many cases we can accomplish your growth goals by utilizing our search engine optimization chops solely.

We typically recommend that clients give us time to optimize their website and drive organic traffic to it before deciding to utilize PPC advertising. If you’re looking to grow your practice very aggressively and quickly, then SEM may be right for you, in which case DoctorHero is more than equipped to set up your campaign, write compelling ad copy, generate landing pages that convert, and to optimize the campaign based on previous performance.


Tracking Everything

Many dentists request that we track their keywords, which is something we don’t do for a myriad of reasons. What we do track, however, are two key metrics. The first metric is website traffic and if we’re doing things correctly you should see an uptick in traffic over time. The more important metric though is patient leads. We install a custom tracking phone number on your website as well as integrate into your appointment form so we can capture how many new leads your practice currently gets on a monthly basis. We demonstrate over time (which you can see in your DoctorHero dashboard) that more new leads are coming to your practice. It’s important to us that there is transparency in our processes so that you feel confident that we are utilizing your marketing and advertising budget to its full potential.